Buttons can really change the look of an outfit make it more glamorous or individual. I have always collected useful things like buttons, beads and materials like a magpie stashing them away for future projects. I decided to start selling my vintage buttons and materials and other collectibles through Etsy several years ago.

Above are several examples of beautiful vintage passementerie couturier buttons.

Having owned several vintage shops over the years it was a very different experience to learn how to list an item online so that it could be found. Things have specific names and are searched for often by those names. I remember in the 70’s there just wasn’t this wealth of information we now have access to online. It is a voyage of discovery researching items that you put up for sale sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised. Books still hold a fascination as you can still discover something you didn’t know because you were just browsing through the book.

This is how it went discovering passementerie buttons. I had never come across these before. I found out that these gorgeous buttons were normally handmade to order by couturiers. Made of braid intricately wound round a base, this could be a ring or other mold. It requires incredible skill to wind the braid onto the base all the while keeping it flat and taut.

Buttons can be used for many kinds of projects, I am always surprised and delighted to see and hear what people make with the buttons they have bought from me. Museums, artists, jewelry makers, students of design and people who want to make that blouse or jacket special. From Japan to USA to Australia and Europe when you find that special button that is just right…then you have to have it!

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