It’s a Colourful Universe was an experiment that kept on going. I had attended a class with an artist who made very large textile wall hangings.. He had a unique technique and actually stood up while working. He would throw all his materials on the ground and mixed patterns and colours. He also had a large bag of embroidery silk again bursting with colours. he taught us a technique, which typically me I adapted very quickly to my own version. But one thing he did inspire me to do was to use thread as part of the design, large stitches. Something I hadn’t done before at all.

This piece has been built up using layers of organza. What was very exciting was discovering the effects of layering colours on top of each other to create different colours. This also created intensity and depth. Then I just had fun playing with the stitching and the interplay of colours and form.

I actually discovered afterwards with pictures from the Hubble telescope that actually is more how our universe really looks. An explosion of stars and galaxies. Loved that idea. This was a labour of love and i took two years making it while doing a 2 year Textile art course at DIY Textile School here in Amsterdam. It was the first step to finally discovering my own style. It also hung with other students work at the Quilt Biennale at the Twentswelle Museum in Enschede. It hung at the entrance so people could see both sides.

Materials used: molton sheet, scrim, organza, silk embroidery thread, acrylic paint, ( size 74 cm x 74 cm ) 2015