Circles have always fascinated me and have become a recurring theme. A good friend of mine was a source of inspiration for this piece. She is always making things for in her house and on one visit showed me her curtain of circles with beads and feathers. I loved the circles of course and she made me some and it hung in my house for a while. Then I got inspired by having studio space I was able to make something on a larger scale and that was the beginning of the process.

Going round in circles

I started with recycling cardboard boxes and cut out various sizes of circles. I set up a production line as this piece was a lot of work. Each piece is individual. As usual I start without really an idea of where it will end up as I like to see where the materials and process takes me. Took me a while to learn to work like this and unlearn all kinds of habits that I found would often halt my progress.

I wrapped each one in layers of organza and then used embroidery thread to emphasize various parts. All the time discovering new combinations of colours. This tends to keep me interested in moving forward on projects. This has taken me over a year on and off. The real challenge came at the end connecting them and keeping them apart as things tend to fall into the middle. So went through quite a process of discovery working out how to hang it.

Materials used: organza, silk embroidery thread, cardboard boxes ( size 250 cm x 200 cm ) 2022



Finally I get to hang up my work. My small flat has very few walls that are free and big enough to take the final piece. I finally changed things around in my bedroom and have it hanging there.
Every morning I get to wake up to my circles, they make me happy and are a fun way to start the day and strangely enough fitted in perfectly with all my other colours in the room.