This piece of textile art is called ” Flowing in the deep blue waters” and is inspired by diving into deep blue waters with neon coral reefs where life is just flowing with the waters. The fish swimming in and out of the coral reef with all the amazing colours and forms of life. An underwater city with an explosion of neon and bright colours. All life flowing in patterns in the deep blue waters. I even included some plastic soup that has been trapped as this is a part of this landscape even in pristine waters these days.

This piece of textile art was built up on loosely woven material using organza treated with a heat gun to give it texture and form. These were layered on each other to give depth and colour to the water. The reefs were built up using felt and thread and then wire mesh underneath so that the piece is not flat anymore. Then building layer on layer with hand stitching, couching silk threads to give flow lines.
Finally this was mounted on acrylic plate so it can be hung or laid flat.

This piece is all hand sewn using: organza, silver mesh, neon silk threads, plastic, metallic thread, acrylic plate felt, wire mesh even bits of plastic soup. ( size 57×51 cm ) 2018