Ancient Textile Nr.2 has been made on my theme “Things that come together, things that fall apart”. I love museums with hand made artifacts from various cultures displayed beautifully as they should be. They are the art of that culture. Things lovingly made for everyday use or ceremonial  purposes. Precious objects that someone often put a lot of time and energy into because it meant something to them.

I am fascinated by this equation of the amount of time and attention that has been put into the making of something and  the value assigned to it ( not necessarily in money) and it’s longevity. Will we ever display a mass produced item with that much reverence and care…..

This started our with a selection of threads and bits and pieces sandwiched between water soluble film. Then I embroidered over the top and started adding layer by layer. I even added layers on the back. I used all kinds of things ribbons, old pieces of embroidery, plastic fruit nets, frayed bits of cloth, just a mix of things that somehow come together.

Hand sewn and made with: Water soluble film, silk thread,metal, Indian embroidery, plastic,gauze, ribbons. ( size 35 cm x 28 cm) 2018