If you love learning new techniques, then try making bowls out of fabric and other bits and pieces. It is a lot of fun and everyone has the freedom to interpret it in their style. Before you know it you have made something with fabric in a totally different way.

When working with material we often work flat, we tend to stick to what we know, old patterns of doing things. To do something different in more dimensions we need to give it some kind of structure. You will learn about transparency and form and structure, and discover other ways you can use materials through experimentation.

Students who came to my classes when I was teaching this produced such a diverse range of bowls was always exciting to see what they would make. It is something different to get out of your comfort zone. This is fun to do and you can use it in many different ways.

Once you have learned this technique you can use it with different materials and objects. I hate it if classes just teach you how to make one thing and that’s it. I don’t want you to see it as a technique that you can use as an example and then make your own mark with it. Try out your own ideas and style. 


Take a bowl not too big preferably with a smooth surface.

Smear with soap, the one like a jelly in a tub

Cover with clingfilm, this enables you to remove your bowl from the mold

Layer with see through material, you can use threads, petals, all kinds of bits and pieces, covering each layer with gel medium. It is hard to see how it will look at this stage!

When happy with all your layers leave it to dry, this takes about a day.Then twist your bowl off the mold and hold up to the light to see all your layers! Admire your bowl.


What happens with plastic, found objects, threads, things from nature, recycled things? Experiment! Sometimes things don’t work the way you expected and you discover something totally different. Most great discoveries of our time have been accidental….

I no longer give this class since the pandemic. But have left the post here so you can be inspired to try yourself. Below are some of my bowls.