My love of all things textile started many years ago when I was about 9 and I did sewing at school. Just proves how inspirational a teacher can be. I used to go to her house after school and I remember learning drawn thread work and being treated to a bowl of fresh strawberries.

I am always fascinated by how things are made and I enjoy hand sewing and embroidery to this day. I find it very relaxing and it has a certain rhythm all of its own.


For my colour project with tapestry wools I just started doing lines of colour each line a different colour, sometimes making a pattern in the line. I used up remainders I had left over from other projects and other peoples leftover wool I bought on ebay. 

There is no right and wrong there are only combinations, you learn as you go, sometimes you will stumble upon a lovely unexpected combination. That is the whole idea! Try something out of your own comfort zone. Something bright or unusual like chartreuse or a bright pink or even a grey will give you unexpected results. That is exactly what you want to achieve as by doing this you will learn a lot about colour.

My first project was done on a fine canvas, I even did the strap. Then I decorated it with pompoms, old beads and some Buddha’s that I picked up on a trip to China ( they sew these on children’s hats for protection). Once I finished this one I started another larger one that took me years, but this is slow art so I sat back and sewed and enjoyed the journey of discovering colour using wool.